Mission Statement


To create a unique global events series dedicated to Innovation, and the intersection of real world on-field and off-field Sports with the virtual world of Esports. Our events are fun, entertaining and offer a glimpse of what to expect in the future through networking, world class speakers, panels and exhibitors. More importantly our Esports Tournament provides sports executives an opportunity to see what all the hype is about!


Our founders have more than 50+ combined years in management consulting for fortune 500 companies.  We have pooled our knowledge, assets and global reach to provide a world class consultancy services team supporting start-ups as well as helping leagues and clubs innovate. Due to our unique relationships with some of the biggest investors, influencers and athletes in China one of our many differentiators to is our ability to help sports tech companies enter and navigate the Chinese market, including identifying high net worth investors. We are aiming to establish a F.I.S.T. fund by 2020.


While there are Esports conferences and regular sports conferences give Esports lip service; we feel we are the first of the kind in the world to give equal footing to both. Esports will be prominently showcased at the F.I.S.T. World Series. We will have a dedicated track focused on Esports and the intersection of professional sports.  Our Investor Start up day will include and encourage Esports start ups.

We are also launching a major multi city Esports tournament to allow traditional sports executives the opportunity to see what all the hype is about.

Lastly, we are standing up our own Team F.I.S.T. to not only compete on the global stage, but to become a test bed for innovation with the start-ups that we work with.

We couldn’t be more excited for 2019 and beyond!