F.I.S.T. Start-up Pitch Competition APPLY BELOW

At F.I.S.T. our start up pitch competition takes place in the ring.  There are two rounds and at the end of the day someone is winning the championship belt. When the bell rings, the light come on and there is nowhere to hide.
Ding Ding!

Round 1 – Its you vs two other opponents.  Three start-ups will be accepted per category (FAN, ATHLETE & GAMER).  Each having 5 minutes to present followed by 5 min. Q/A in their respective tracks in the morning session.  A winner in each track will be selected (announced at lunch) to move on to Round 2 (afternoon session).  Our winners are determined by an expert judging panel (75%) including 25% coming from the fans.  That’s right the fans vote as well on our native app. and your vote will count.

Round 2 – We take the winners from the FAN, ATHLETE and GAMER tracks to come together for a final round.  Each start-up is given 5 minutes to present followed by 5 min. Q/A. One judge from each of the three tracks will participate in the final round as well as 25% fan vote.

The F.I.S.T. Heavy Weight Belt – will be presented to the overall winner.  In addition to all the fame and glory that comes with being a Heavy Weight Champion of the World, you also receive the equivalent of $30,000 of ‘inkind’ services.  Prizes will vary per city, but many will include;

  • One year complimentary advisory services from SportsTech.ai
  • An opportunity to scope a proof of concept trial for either or both Dziki Warsaw our Polish Professional Basketball Team or TEAM FIST our new Esports team
  • Plus, sponsorship at a future F.I.S.T. World Series Event including a 15 minute speaking slot, digital signage as well as multiple articles and interviews created upon major milestones and success stories.

HEAVY  KINEMATIC MACHINES and founders Dane Dobre and Rafal Kasprowicz

…and the the sub- category winners
FAN – WallJam
ATHLETE – Heavy Kinematic Machines
GAMER – eScount

FUN WITH BALLS & Founder Markos Kern

…and the the sub- category winners
FAN – Fanwide & Founder Symon Perriman
ATHLETE – Fun With Balls & Founder Markos Kern
GAMER – Rival.ai & Founder James Mifsud