Investor Day

At each F.I.S.T. World Series event, we run a networking event for start-ups and investors either the day before or after the one day conference. This is a great opportunity for start-ups to validate the concepts, identify investors and potential clients and advisors. We know that your time is precious, and we also want to make sure you meet the right connections and get value out of the day. Therefore each start-up will have an opportunity for at least two to five, 1-1 (20 minute private sessions) with an Investor who is genuinely interested in speaking with you. This is all organized seamlessly behind the scenes in our app.

25 Start-ups domestic and international seeking:

  • Investment from High Net Worth
  • Entry Point into new Geographies, or Sports
  • Local Distributor of their products
  • Meet Local and Global Industry SMES

25 Investors & Industry Sports SMES seeking:

  • Start-ups to invest in
  • Start-ups to partner with
  • Start-ups to represent or advise

INTRO’s 9-11 AM

  • Each Start-up or investor in the room has the floor for 2-3 minutes.
  • Why are you here, what are you looking for or what do you have to offer.


  • 25 industry Execs, VC’s, Investors, Accelerators etc. will be placed in rooms
  • The Start-ups can choose which rooms to attend with round table rotations 20 min each. This is a one to many discussion.


  • One on one meetings (~30 min each)
  • Matchmaking via an online selection/voting process in our native app
  • Opportunity to get qualified private 1-1 time with investors who are interested in speaking with you
  • This section concludes the day so you are not required to stay until 5
  • We try to target at least two 1-1 meetings per start-up with a maximum of 5, due to time limitations
Feedback from the investor day has been that its as valuable if not more valuable than the conference itself.