David Yarnton

Executive Chairman
Edge Esports Ltd

David Yarnton has been involved in the Video Games industry for over 30 years 17 of those years as a Senior Manager at Nintendo both in Australia and the UK. He was a founding Director of Gfinity Ltd the only listed eSports company in the United Kingdom and the first company in the world to launch a dedicated eSports arena in London. Gfinity have recently opened in Australia and have run Esports tournaments in China, France, USA and Mexico. He is currently a Founder and Executive Chairman of Edge Esports. In addition to Gfinity David has been involved in the sports industry with a couple of digital start-ups including the latest start-up Edge Esports He has been on a number of industry boards and is currently Chairman of the eSports sub-group of UKIE (UK Interactive Entertainment, the only trade body for the UK’s games and wider interactive entertainment industry), Board Advisor for BESA as well as being Founder and Chairman of the British Inspiration Awards an organisation that helps recognise and celebrate British creative achievements. David has spoken on technology and sport at numerous events