Jemiah Douglin


Jemiah Douglin is the Founder of Mavreel the grassroots esports company. Mavreel already work with some of the most influential gaming publishers including Sony PlayStation, EA, Ubisoft, Bandai Namco, Blizzard Entertainment and Capcom, to host electric esports activations. Having spent countless hours playing games, Jemiah then studied Games Technology & Mathematics, which allowed him to learn other facets of gaming from maths, physics, coding, art, animation, storytelling down to the business aspect. Jemiah now works alongside a team of Avengers, passionate people that harness the power of gaming to foster community and promote esports from the ground up. Mavreel is focused on community, diversity, inclusion and of course, providing safe environments where players of all backgrounds can hone their gaming skills before making the jump to the global competitions. Mavreel work with like-minded partners such as Chelsea Football Club to enhance the Mavreel experience and offer new value to their gaming partners.