Rodric David

Thunder Studios, Inc.

Rodric is a patented inventor and the Founder and CEO of Thunder Studios Inc, Thunder Gaming and esports, Thunder Broadcasting and Thunder Technology. Thunder is a fully integrated digital media, gaming and esports company operating in Los Angeles, California that is passionately pursuing opportunities at the intersection of the three categories in which millennial consumers spend 70% of their time on mobile devices; Gaming, Social Media and Entertainment.  Thunder Gaming produces, and broadcasts live esports tournaments and gaming programing on location and from Thunder Studios’ 150,000sqft Production Media Campus with 10 sound stages and a dedicated esports arena.  Thunder Gaming esports focuses on 1v1 esports and has a roster of exclusively contracted professional players, casters, journalists and content creators in FGC and Smash. Our recent live broadcast of the GameFuel Call of Duty Celebrity Pro—Am was won by basketballer Karl-Anthony Towns teamed with COD World Champion Seth Abner (Optic Scumpay) over the team of rapper T-Pain and gamer Matt Piper (Optic Formal). Our real time AMA (Average Minute Audience) was +4million with +20million live minutes viewed.  Thunder Studios, founded in 2013 provides studio and production services to the entertainment industry (feature films, commercials, print advertising, music videos, esports and live events), as well as producing original content from its production facility on six acres in Long Beach. Thunder Broadcasting’s fleet of mobile broadcast trucks services customers throughout the USA and Northern Mexico providing live broadcasting services for sports including Soccer, Baseball, High School Football, Rugby, MMA, Jujitsu, and Karate as well as Gaming, esports, Concerts, Parades, Award shows and special events. In 2019 Rodric was awarded patents from the United States Patent Office for his inventions titled, “Content-Activated Intelligent, autonomous audio/video source controller.” Commercialization of these patents will be undertaken by Amplivy and RBS with RBS slated to launch in late 2020 with a revolutionary live broadcast streaming platform that will dramatically empower live streaming creators.  Having grown up in Sydney Australia, Rodric was inspired by American culture via its export through film, television and music. This fascination led Rodric to attend the University of Southern California. Rodric met his USA born wife Liz whilst attending USC and soon after graduation they moved to Sydney where their two children were born. After a successful and entrepreneurial career spanning several continents, Rodric and his family reestablished their home base in Los Angeles in 2012. Rodric graduated from the University of Southern California in 1993 and is a sought-after guest speaker on the trends in gaming, esports and digital media and has spoken at numerous conferences throughout the USA.