22 Nov

SPORT INNOVATION ALLIANCE launches with support from Ryan McCumber

Sport Innovation Alliance is a collaborative space created by football clubs from different countries, to create a community in which to share initiatives and synergies and to identify, execute and maintain an optimized innovation process in each of the clubs. Ryan McCumber as a founding member of the alliance will look to leverage both SportsTech.ai as well as the FIST Global Series to the benefit of all the clubs involved.

Per Ryan “This is a great opportunity for start ups to collaborate collectively with up to 10 clubs at the same time, giving the clubs greater purchasing power and the start up global reach across multi continent with a single negotiation. Dont be surprised to see this Alliance grow to 20 clubs by the end of 2020.  Lastly stay tuned for some global Esports announcements leveraging this new collective”

At the moment the Soccer Clubs face the challenge of confronting processes of digital transformation, development of new technologies, innovation and improvement of processes with limited resources and experience. Nowadays is increasingly common to discuss concepts such as Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Blockchain and other similar ones, linked to the world of sport and the innovations that the sector needs in all of its areas, from stadium management, to fan engagement, even to the development and planning of the main sport.

Even so, today these innovation processes are generally expensive and there are very few “best practices” cases to search for and identify those best solutions.

The main source of traditional income of clubs, such as sponsorships, is getting much harder and advertisers are actually demanding a better return on their investment as well as a bigger geographical impact on their advertising actions.

It is to address all these limitations, why Sport Innovation Alliance was created. A global alliance formed by top-level football clubs, with European representatives such as Real Sociedad in Spain, Cagliari in Italy, Feyenoord of Rotterdam and Legia of Poland. Also, historic clubs in Latin America such as Club de Regatas Vasco da Gama in Brasil, Universidad Católica of Chile, Club Atlético Nacional of Colombia, Sporting Cristal in Perú and Club Atlético Peñarol of Uruguay, as well as Al-Ittihad Jeddah Club of Saudi Arabia.

Sport Innovation Alliance has created this common space to promote development and innovation in football clubs based on 4 master pillars.

In the first place and with vital character, this project has a marked technological component, a space in which to search, develop and increase solutions for common needs, being able to obtain advantageous economic conditions as well as accelerated learning by adding the possibility to share experiences and processes in the different areas of the club.

In addition, with the intention of facilitating the access of clubs to the providers of these technological tools, Sport Innovation Alliance will certify those companies or developers that, due to their professionalism and practical application, deserve it, serving as a guarantee for clubs that are looking for a partner in its solution development process.

A new sponsorship scenario will be generated to attract resources to a much more complete advertising offer for Sponsors who are looking for a Global positioning that this alliance can offer in a very efficient way.

Finally, we add the area of events, which includes the organization of conferences, friendly matches and even eSports tournaments which will be developed in the stadiums of the alliance clubs.